Relational and Restorative Practices

Work-Place Relationships     

Developing a Restorative Philosophy in the workplace is concerned with growing positive relationships that in turn will result in a happy, productive staff and working environment. This philosophy focuses on strengthening the connection between people and promoting relationships as the cornerstone of an organisation’s success.

Breakdown in relationships, in communities and workplaces, results in loss of social capital, productivity, job satisfaction and emotional wellbeing.

The Restorative Movement, extending from workplace, to schools, to Justice, and to many other Government Departments, views problem issues as harmful and damaging of people and relationships.  It seeks to ensure that systems and practices within the workplace provide the skills and tools necessary to heal damage when it occurs.

Restorative Conversations purposefully undertake to remove blame and shame from individuals by opening spaces so that problems can be viewed objectively and solutions sought in a collaborative manner. Underpinning this training is the key belief “ The Problem is the Problem; The Person is never the Problem”.  This tool, underpinned by Restorative Philosophy, will transform conflict situations, by following a set process, and it will align those involved to their strength-based positions.

Ron and Kath Cronin-Lampe, of Pilgrim Practices, in a one-day workshop, assist organizations to understand the importance of language in how meaning is made. They will teach the restorative conversation tools where the emphasis is not on who is right or wrong in any given situation but on how the presenting issue is affecting those concerned as well as work performance and output. Restorative Conversations follow a clear process to bring about a restoration and resolution to the issue/s concerned.

Ron and Kath are also available and welcome the opportunity to assist individual workplace settings to resovle issues of conflict. Conflict is a dynamic; it can be current or historic with its origins and reasons not always clear. It can evolve from systemic issues or personal issues. Conflict can bring with it an opportunity to see things from another’s perspective; it can both challenge and affirm individuals and it can either create an environment of suspicion or one of ongoing change and optimism. Pilgrim Practices assist those within the workplace to explore the effects of conflict on those concerned as well as the organisation. It then creates pathways and opportunities for resolutions.

Ron and Kath have been facilitating training in Restorative Philosophy and Practices since 1999. It is their belief that relationships are at the heart of job satisfaction, productivity and success, therefore there is a need to move thinking from retributive modes of working with wrong-doing, conflict and problem issues to repairing and restoring relationships.