Relational and Restorative Practices

Staff Wellness

Pilgrim Practices offer a one-day workshop that begins by exploring the history and effects of stress and burnout for individuals. The focus of this workshop then turns towards reconnecting individuals to energy, hope and possibilities within the constraints and choices of the demands that their careers and personal lives place upon them.

Restorative Philosophy, alongside the process of Restorative Conversations, provides a process to examine the story of well-being, and the journey of individuals to maintain this state. It enables people to explore the issues that shift focus off wellness and it reconnects individuals to their strengths through exploration of times where they have upheld well-being and triumphed over distractions or diversions.

This workshop honours and celebrates people’s efforts, skills, and achievements. It inspires a realistic outlook in the development of personal plans about positive choices and sets these into appropriate time-frames. It can also assist a team or work environment to develop a culture of care and team spirit by recognising and upholding the importance of wellbeing to motivation and positive energy.