Relational and Restorative Practices

Pastoral Care and Restorative Practices
Developing a Culture of Care and Restoration

Welcome to our Training Package:
'Pastoral Care and Restorative Practices'

We are Ron and Kath Cronin-Lampe, and we work as Counsellors, Consultants Supervisors and Trainers. We enjoy working part-time in a school setting as well as undertaking private-practice work under the name of 'Pilgrim Practices'. Our consultancy work and training packages are designed to assist schools to bring about a caring and restorative school culture shift over a 3-5 year period. Training initially comprises of three days, with a fourth day scheduled eight weeks later and we offer further follow-ups, as required. Training focuses on forging positive relationships, and promoting pastoral and restorative practices, so that all those within the school community have the opportunity to grow through learning from one another. We work, in a collaborative manner, with people who share our love and concern for young people.

Our focus is that of 'pastoral care' and of assisting schools to become 'sites and communities of care'. We believe that when communities embrace the concept of 'manaakitanga' and it is evident in all the practices of the school, from individuals to classrooms, captured in policies and the ethos of the school, then relationships will be motivated, in and of themselves, to seek ways to 'restore' or heal damage/hurt when it occurs.

Initially, our training package focuses on school philosophy and culture and the adult relationships therein. It is our belief that a healthy and positive staff culture will be mirrored by a healthy and positive student culture. This training provides opportunities to reflect on the ways we engage in relationships with one another and the language we use; it examines discourses which position us in certain ways to 'power' and 'authority'; and it introduces and develops strategies to have restorative, respectful and non-blaming conversations with each other. Training will then offer skills that may be used in conversations at every type of meeting or hui, from one-to-one work to a large restorative conferencing setting, including students and the wider community. At every level of restorative conversations, our training offers processes to examine the notion of 're-story-ing', and we seek to connect people to the experiences, stories and knowledge they hold of themselves as resourceful and successful people.

This training focuses on the link between positive relationships and student engagement and it promotes the right of every individual to feel valued and successful. Students are at school for a large part of their adolescent lives and research informs us that, for many students, schools are their only chance of engaging in, and witnessing relationships that have the potential to be positive and healthy. This means that relationships modeled by adults at school are so important to the formation of young people. Ultimately schools are sites where young people can learn how to articulate, communicate, and grow in emotional intelligence. Schools can be the 'counter' story, or the story of difference in students lives.

It is our hope that school staff will be energized by the opportunity to reflect on their own positioning and practices. Ron and Kathy

Outline of the Training Package we Offer:

Day 1

  • Focus on growing restorative relationships and a culture of care
  • Provides opportunities for self reflection
  • Focus of Day I will be adults

Day 2

  • Introduction to Restorative Conversations and Practices
  • Examines the power of language and positioning
  • Provides time for practice, and skill-building

Day 3

  • Progression of Restorative Conversations
  • Restorative Classroom Practices
  • Introduction to 'Signal Behaviour'
  • Introduction to Restorative Mediation- Skill Building
  • Restorative Practices: Systems and Processes

Day 4

  • Time of feed-back: challenges/issues/where to from here?
  • Restorative Practices: Culture Shift – How to Begin.
  • Introduction to:
    • Restorative Family Meetings or Whanau Hui
    • Restorative Conferencing – Te Hui Whakatika

We encourage schools to complete Days 1-3, and then undertake Day 4 within six months of the first three day training. Day 5 will be offered to schools that have completed the first four days of training. It may be offered regionally or can be negotiated with individual schools or a cluster of schools. We also offer:

Day 5

Has two parts to it:

Part A: Mock Conference for those involved in organising and facilitating Te Hui Whakatika.

Part B: Introduction to 'Restorative Leadership Training' Resource Manual. For staff involved in working with senior students in Restorative Mentoring and Mediation. This package also prepares senior students to inform their peers in tutor classes in Restorative Practices.

Further to the Training Workshops, Supervision and support of Leaders Implementing a Pastoral Care and Restorative Culture shift is offered. We advise that we work with groups of 25-30 participants.

It is recommended that schools purchase, through The University of Waikato - School of Education, the resource entitled “Restorative Practices for Shools” and that staff read Chapters 1-3 prior to training workshops. It is suggested that staff read Chapters 4 & 5 Prior to Day 4 training.

The University of Waikato have introduced a Post Graduate Certificate in Restorative Practices. This certificate will assist those in positions of Leadership/ Management to implement Restorative Practices in Educational Settings. For further information, please contact Dr Wendy Drewery at The University of Waikato.


We endeavor to make the programme as affordable as possible. In order to negotiate training fees please contact Ron and Kathy Cronin-Lampe.