Relational and Restorative Practices

Counselling & Supervision

Kath and Ron bring a Restorative Philosophy to their Counselling and Supervision work. They seek to create an environment whereby their clients feel welcome and valued. They listen carefully to the issues presented to them, while making no judgments about what is discussed. They work in a collaborative manner with their clients, using professional skills to assist 'meaning-making'.

Kath and Ron believe that the client is the 'expert' in his or her life and as they engage in a journey alongside their clients, they realise the privileged nature of their positions and seek to uphold unconditional regard and respect at all times.

Integrity and care underpin Kath and Ron's work and their hope is that clients will connect with a sense of agency and strength as they experience belief in their potential and hope in the possibilities that emerge.

Kath and Ron have 20 years experience of working with Adolescents and they are inspired by the courage, energy, honesty and insightfulness that young people bring to the counselling relationship.

Both Kath and Ron have extensive experience in Grief Counselling. They have worked with many families who have lost a loved one to suicide. They both feel humbled and privileged to journey alongside people in times of loss.

Ron specialises in Family Court  and Relationship Counselling.